Protest activity in Russia (January — June 2017)


The Centre for Economic and Political Reforms (CEPR) conducts a regular monitoring of protest actions which take place in all regions of Russia. This report is devoted to the results of our monitoring in the period from January 2017 till the first week of June 2017.

During this period 591 protests were registered. There is an increase in the number of protests: in January-March 2017 284 protests were registered (including numerous anti-corruption protests on March 26th), and in April-June 2017 307 protests were registered (not including protests on June 12th).

The protests were divided into three groups:
— political protests (including anti-corruption protests on March 26th);
— protests that were caused by social and economic problems (entrepreneurs’ protests, protests of defrauded investors and co-investors, actions against tariff increases etc.);
— labour protests (related to delayed salaries, threats of mass layoffs, discontent with working conditions at enterprises etc.).

During the period under consideration socio-economic protests were the most common type. The main type of protests was a grassroot protest associated with specific social and economic problems. Those problems include a wide range of issues: abolition of social benefits, growing tariffs, deterioration of social infrastructure (closure of schools, hospitals, maternity homes), protection of defrauded depositors and co-investors, discontent of entrepreneurs, bad urban policies and insufficient attention to environmental situation, etc. We found out 375 socio-economic protests since the beginning of the year. The most extensive and resonant case was the protest of truckers who demonstrated against the tolling system called «Plato» and additional fees levied on extra-heavy trucks that use the federal roads.

We registered 170 political protests during the period: 96 in January-March 2017 and 74 in April-the first week of June 2017.

As for labour protests, 46 cases were registered. Labour protests dynamics is marked by slight growth: 21 in January-March 2017 and 25 in April-the first week of June 2017. Most of them were connected with a problem of delayed salaries.

In the beginning of July 2017 CEPR will present full report on the results of protest activity monitoring over a period of the first half of the year.

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