Protest activity in Russia in July-September 2017: 60% growth since the beginning of the year

CEPR presents a monitoring of protest actions and labour conflicts in Russia in July-September 2017. A number of protests has grown by 60% since the beginning of the year: from 142 in January-March to 447 in July-September.

Totally in January-September 2017 1.107 protests were registered.

The main type of protests in January-September 2017 was a grassroot protest associated with specific social and economic problems such as delayed salaries, threats of mass layoffs, discontent with working conditions at enterprises, demands of defrauded real estate investors, eco-activists, animal rights activists etc.

The number of labour conflicts has also increased. For example, a number of wage arrears cases in July-September 2017 was twice as large as a number or such cases in April-June and three times as large as in January-March.

CEPR’s monitoring revealed inability of authorities to resolve social conflicts systematically. The most widespread authorities’ tactics in case of protests are ignoring protesters’ demands, avoiding a dialogue, suppressing protest. It leads only to growing of protest activity as the other methods to resolve people’s problems are dysfunctional.

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