The Centre for Economic and Political Reforms (CEPR) was established in 2015 as a platform for сo-development of a reform program that Russia currently needs. CEPR engages experts from various areas: economists, sociologists, political scientists, specialists in certain spheres (social policy, development of housing and communal services, demography, etc.), as well as public representatives.

Head of CEPR
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CEPR Objectives:

  • development and implementation of reforms contributing to the country’s escape from the crisis;
  • formation of a political and economic system that will foster the nation’s evolution and strengthening, reinforce its competitiveness in the world market and improve the welfare of the population.


To achieve this, CEPR:

  • unites the public and experts, organizes discussions on topical issues;
  • attracts new figures to update political and public institutions;
  • prepares draft laws and public initiatives;
  • conducts research and analysis;
  • disseminates information on the reforms needed by Russia, at the federal and regional levels.

Our contacts:


Tel.: +7 916 629 5609